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Kaun Banega Crorepati is a show hosted by Amitabh Bacchan on Sony TV. Every day he plays a quiz with new contestants and the winners get a monetary reward. Every day along with TV contestants, viewers from their homes can also win prizes by playing KBC daily quiz answers.

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KBC Parimatch Answer

KBC Pari quiz answers can help the players answer all the questions correctly and win exciting prizes. The game is played on the Sony Liv App. Viewers can play the KBC pari match news quiz daily and collect extra points.

The online daily quiz of KBC has started and we are here to provide you with daily quiz answers of KBC.

How to play the Daily KBC Pari match quiz 

To play KBC pari quiz you need to follow the given simple steps.

  1. Download the sonyliv app from the google play store.
  2. Go to the KBC quiz option in the app.
  3. Now click on the Pari Match quiz option in the app
  4. Play and get 200 points daily
  5. The highest points will rank on the leaderboard.

KBC Pari Match Daily quiz answer 22th September

KBC Daily quiz answer 21-9-22

Q1) On which planet is the tallest mountain in our solar system located?
Answer: Mars

Q2) How many players are there on the court in a Volleyball team?
Answer: 6

Q3) What is the common household name for the chemical compound Sodium Chloride?
Answer: Salt

Q4) Where is the pituitary gland located in our body?
Answer: Brain

Q5) Tom, the cat is linked to which of the following cartoon characters is a mouse?
Answer: Jerry

KBC Daily Pari Quiz answer 22-9-22

Q 1. Which of these cities is also known as Tatanagar?

Answer: Jamshedpur

Q 2. 1/2 * Base * Height is the formula to calculate the area of which of the following 2-dimensional figures?

Answer: Triangle

Q 3. The classic film Schindler’s list was directed by which of the following legendary directors?

Answer: Steven Spielberg

Q 4. Which of the following scientists gave the Three Laws of Motion?

Answer: Issac Newtion

Q 5. Feroz Shah Kotla International cricket stadium was renamed after which of the following late politicians?

Answer: Shri Arun Jaitley

KBC Parimatch quiz answer today

  • Answer 1: Himachal Pradesh
  • Answer 2: Srikanth Kidambi
  • Answer 3: 1945
  • Answer 4: Kollywood
  • Answer 5: Karnam Malleswari

KBC Daily Quiz Answers


Q1) The world’s longest highway tunnel above 10,000 feet is located in which Indian state or union territory?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

Q2) In 2021, which badminton player became the first Indian to reach the BWF World Championship final in the men’s singles category?

Answer: Srikanth Kidambi

Q3) In which year was the United Nations established?

Answer: 1945

Q4) What is the Tamil film industry also popularly known as?

Answer: Kollywood 

Q5) Who among these was the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Olympic Games?

Answer: Karnam Malleswari


Q1) Who holds the record for scoring the most number of centuries in a single edition of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup?

Answer: Rohit Sharma

Q2) In the year 1757, the Battle of Plassey was fought between the armies of the East India Company and which Nawab?

Answer: Siraj-ud-Daulah

Q3) Nintendo, a company that develops video games and video game consoles, has its headquarters in which country?

Answer: Japan

Q4) Which of these are you most likely to “scan” while making a digital payment with your smartphone?

Answer: QR Code

Q5) The term ‘birdie’ is usually associated with which of the following sports?

Answer: Golf


Q1) Which of these Indian football clubs is co-owned by City Football Group, which also owns the English club Manchester City F.C.?

Answer: Mumbai City

Q2) Who is currently serving as the president of the Indian National Congress?

Answer: Smt. Sonia Gandhi

Q3) Which of these institutions looks after the overall regulation of regional rural banks and cooperative banks in India?

Answer: NABARD

Q4) Indian classical musician Pandit Shivkumar Sharma’s name is commonly associated with which of these musical instruments?

Answer: Santoor

Q5) India registered their first defeat in the T20 Asia Cup against which of the following teams in 2022?

Answer: Pakistan


Q1) What is the new name given to Delhi’s iconic Rajpath, which was known as ‘Kingsway’ during the British rule?

Answer: Kartavya Path

Q2) Which of the following cricketers won the Indian Premier League trophy in his very first season as a full-time captain?

Answer: Hardik Pandya

Q3) Which of the following dictators had failed to get admission into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in his younger days?

Answer: Adolf Hitler

Q4) Which of the following was the last released film of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput?

Answer: Dil Bechara

Q5) Which car manufacturer is going to become the latest induction into Formula 1 in 2026?

Answer: Audi


Q1) Which of the following actors played the role of the Indian team’s manager PR Man Singh in the film ’83’?

Answer: Pankaj Tripathi

Q2) What is the name of the world’s strongest telescope currently in usage?

Answer: James Webb Space Telescope

Q3) The fans of IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings call which of the following cricketers ‘Chinna Thala’?

Answer: Suresh Raina

Q4) Who is the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh?

Answer: Sheik Hasina

Q5) Which of the following is not a species of snake?

Answer: Tomistoma


Q1) In which country was the cricket Asia Cup 2022 played?

Answer: United Arab Emirates

Q2) Which of these is currently the fastest train in the world?

Answer: Shanghai Maglev (China)

Q3) Which of the following is the world’s most valuable unicorn startup with a valuation of $200 billion?

Answer: ByteDance

Q4) What was the ring name of Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson during his pro-wrestling career?

Answer: The rock

Q5) Who among these is the current Union Minister of Road, Transport and Highways of India?

Answer: Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari

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