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Telangana citizens can now order and purchase sand online. Customers can book sand in Telangana state online with just a single click. In this article, you will get to know all the details of the online sand booking process in Telangana.

The full form of SSMMS is Sand sale Management and Monitoring System Telangana.

SSMMS TS Telangana ( Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System) 

Sand sale management and monitoring system is an online portal launched by the government of Telangana to simplify the sale of Sand in the state online. The system is implemented by Telangana state Minerals Development Corporation and the tDepartment of Industries and Commerce, Government of Telangana for the monitoring and management of sand sales in the state. The implementation of the online sand booking will help in terminating third parties and increase government revenue.

Service provided by the SSMMS portal

The services  provided by the SSMMS sand portal for Telangana:

  • Customer registration
  • Tracking of Vehicle
  • Registration of Vehicles
  • Sand Order information online
  • Daily order updates
NameSSMMS Telengana (Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System, Telangana)
Launched byTelangana state Minerals Development Corporation and Department of Industries and Commerce
BeneficiaryTelangana Citizens
Official Website

Benefits of Telangana Online Sand Booking

The benefits of SSMMS Login online sand booking in Telangana state

  • Saves time
  • Home Delivery of sand is available
  • Is the very transparent process

Documents required for Telangana Online Sand Booking

Keep these documents handy for booking Sand Online

Customer registrationPAN – pdf format

Aadhaar – pdf format

Vehicle RegistrationRC – Pdf format


Register in TS SSMMS – Customer Registration

ssmms telangana
  • Click on the registrations link
  • After clicking on the registration button, click on customer registration from the dropdown
  • Now on step 1 enter your mobile
  • Now enter customer name same as in Aadhaar Card in form
  • Fill in the necessary required details such as a village, District, Contact information, etc.
  • Now upload the required documents for online sand booking Telangana
  • PAN Card PDF
    Aadhaar Card PDF
  • After filling up the Online sand booking form click on Register

SSMMS login TS List Customer Registration

To check the customer list of online sand booking in Telangana follow the given steps.

  • Visit the official website of TS SSMMS –
  • Click on registration TAB
  • From the drop-down menu click on the Customer Registered option and then a new page will open. enter your mobile number here.
  • Here you will see your name if it is on the list

TS SSMMS Online sand booking process

In order to book sand at SSMMS login first, you need to register yourself at the portal. After successful registration follow the given steps.

  • Visit the official portal of Telangana Sand Booking
  • Now click on the online Sand booking Link
  • Now log in with your ID and Password
  • Select your district
  • Select Your Stockyard
  • Fill the required option and confirm the sand booking order

Check Sand order status at SSMMS Portal

Once you have placed the order for sand on Telangana SSMMS online sand ordering portal then you can easily check the order status by following the given process

  • Visit the SSMMS portal and click on the Tracking menu
  • Here click on Track Your Order Option
  • Here Enter Order ID and Captcha
  • enter it and you will get the sand booking status

Vehicle Registration on SSMMS Telangana

If you want to Register your vehicle on Telanga online sand order portal then you need to fill in the given details

  • On the home page of SSMMS Sand booking portal
  • Click on registration Menu
  • here click on Vehicle registration in Dropdown
  • Here fill in the required vehicle information and click on Register
  • Upload Copy of RC in PDF

Details about stockyards in Telangana state

Stockyard is the area in which sand is stocked for delivery to the customers. To get the details of the stockyards follow the given steps.

  • Visit the official website
  • In help, option-click on the stockyard option
  • From here select the district and check the stockyards details

Sand Booking Fees

No fees

Helpline Number

  • 040-23323150.

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